Software Development

As well as Web Design and Development, we also do a substantial amount of software development. It's primarily related to the computer game industry - we make tools for game developers, which we then use to make our games. So that way, you know they work in the field. Take a look at some of the things we've got available:


  • Alien Territory

    Your debts are catching up, and your bank balance crawled into a hole and died some time ago. Desperate for money, you go for the job that nobody else is fool enough to do: collecting crystals from the legendary Crystal Spacefield. Each crystal you get earns you cash, but other things lurk in the spacefield; darker, slimier things...

    You can download the demo version here.

  • Tetraskin

    It's the classic arcade game - but this time, it's skinnable! If you're a fanatic about this game, you'll love the opportunity to control how the game looks and sounds. The ultimate in personal expression.

    There is no download available at this time.


  • QuikGame

    This is an AppWizard for Microsoft Visual C++ 6. With it, you can quickly generate skeleton code for an OpenGL/DirectInput based game - you can skip all the menial tasks involved in setting up the display or the input system, and get straight down to the code specific to your game. It's brilliant for students making small games, or pro developers who want to rapidly prototype an idea.

    You can download the QuikGame .AWX here. Look in your documentation to find out where the file should go.

    There's also a basic help file that you can download here, which should be put in the same folder as the .AWX file.

We have also taken on custom projects for clients in the past. If you have a project we could take care of for you, don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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